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Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of BEST academy can be summarized as play and child centered. There is very little direct instruction and teachers are trained and encouraged to play with the children and utilize every teachable moment.

A lesson at BEST begins with the teacher introducing a topic through a book or a discussion. The children are encouraged to ask questions about the topic or material and think about what they want to know. Teachers guide and inspire this conversation and plan out lessons/ experiments with the children. At the end of a lesson/ experiment the children discuss what they have experienced and depending on age finish with a follow up activity, like graphing their results or learning a new song.

Our curriculum is designed around the concept that children learn more and behave more appropriately when they are actively involved in the design of their learning. Children are invested in something that they have natural curiosity about and that they themselves have helped plan.

A preschool classroom should be a place of joy where children develop their ideas about school that last a lifetime. If there is a behavior problem teachers are urged to first look at their own teaching methods and make adjustments, before disciplining a child or calling a parent.

The last piece of our philosophy concerns parents and families. Education is a triangle between the child, the teacher and the family. If any of these is missing or lacking, a child will not have a high chance of success. We mandate 20 hours of parent volunteering in order to register. At BEST we also send home lesson bags, so the child can see ideas reinforced at home, and so parents are informed about the daily activities of their child and can be an active part of the child’s education. Parents are always welcome to sit in on a class; Call or email their teacher or schedule a meeting with the director.


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