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We are proud to serve an all vegetarian menu. BEST Academy provides fresh and nutritious food for students. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are served daily. Milk is always available with lunch. Food is prepared in a healthy and well balanced way; fried foods are avoided and low-fat snacks are served. Fresh fruits and vegetables will always be included in our menus.

Different foods are incorporated depending on the time of year or learning for the week. The students are encouraged to try new things, but they will never be forced. Students are taught about the food groups and how to establish positive eating habits, an important lesson for growing children.

Our program follows all USDA guidelines and requirements. When possible, the menu will be supplemented with fresh produce from our own garden. The menu offers not only quality but variety in choice. Please notify the director if there are any special food related needs regarding your child.


1010 East Duffy Street
phone- (912) 335-7123
fax- (912) 335-7124