Best Academy

Better Education Starts Today!

Mission Statement

We are a non-denominational progressive early learning center. We aim to enrich the lives and minds of the children in our classrooms, their families and the broader community.

Research shows that children have the greatest capacity for learning from birth through age 5. Research also shows that children in this age range learn and need to be taught in a very different way than older, elementary school aged children. Our teachers know this and our curriculum focuses on play and the individual interests of the children in the classroom.

Our curriculum is framed by ScienceStart!, though daily lessons will depend on the children’s interests and the teachers’ creativity. Children will learn by asking questions, exploring their environment in their quest for the answers and reviewing their experiences for deeper and individual meaning. This is done naturally through group play, experimenting with materials and discussion.

In a BEST classroom children’s ideas and opinions are as important as the teachers and you will always see teachers on the floor and at the work tables at the children’s level. Math, science, language arts, social studies, fine/gross motor and arts skills are taught and reinforced daily, however our underlying goal is to foster children’s natural curiosity and love for learning. Those are the values that stay with a child through a lifetime of education.

We value the child’s body as well as the mind; snacks and lunches are healthy and free of hormones and pesticides. Students also spend at least one hour (weather permitting) engaged in active play on our 12,000 square foot playground.

BEST Academy offers a diverse environment where all children regardless of background, race or religion can learn together and from each other. Our sliding scale income-based tuition ensures that everyone has access to the quality early learning experience that they deserve.

We believe in and appreciate our community and instill that in our students by having neighborhood clean-up days, recycling lessons, diverse holiday celebrations, parent picnics and interschool pen-pals. Children who feel intelligent, healthy and valued will bring that back into the community.

The children of Savannah need a center that represents them and their families. They need teachers who will prepare them for their futures and their world. They need love and confidence to grow as curious thinkers and doers. They receive all of that and more at BEST Academy, where a Better Education Starts Today!


1010 East Duffy Street
phone- (912) 335-7123
fax- (912) 335-7124